Flea Treatment and Elimination

Fleas are commonly found all around the world and there are over 2,000 different species. Typically, these parasites find their way into your home on hosts like cats and dogs. However, they have the ability to affect other animals and humans as well. Once, fleas have found a host they begin feeding on their blood and can live on the host for up to two months.

However, the most troublesome issue with these particular pests is how quickly they multiply. A single female flea can lay about 40-50 eggs a day and over 2,000 eggs throughout the course of her life. This means that if you don’t address your flea infestation promptly, it can get out of control very fast.

Dangers to Consider

Fleas are common external parasites, but untreated they can cause real problems. Your animals and your family are at risk when there is a flea infestation in your home. Dangers associated with fleas include:

  • Flea allergic dermatitis caused by the flea’s saliva
  • Potential infections due to flea bites
  • Various diseases can be carried by fleas and transmitted

Signs of a Flea Infestation

Typically if you have a flea infestation it will not take you too long to figure it out. A flea infestation is detected if you see:

  • Animals scratching a lot and detecting fleas on their bodies
  • Fleas on furniture, carpets, rugs, etc.
  • Fleas around your yard near trees, bushes, debris, patios, etc.

If your animals or home have fleas, it is likely that they picked them up from outside. So, it is possible that the infestation would live in and outside your home.

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How to Remove Fleas From Your Property

CT Pest Solutions is a licensed pest control company that can help remove fleas from your home or yard. We have a team of professional flea exterminators who have years of experience in the field and are trained to handle flea infestations of every scale. When choosing us for flea elimination, you get:


  • Same-day inspection and removal services
  • Routine flew preventive eviction
  • Polite and courteous professionals
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaciton

Service Areas for Flea Treatment and Elimination

We service most of Connecticut including:

  • Chesire
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  • Woodbridge
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