Norway Rats Treatment and Elimination

Norway rats are known to be social pests that often build their shelters close to each other. This just goes to show that if you find one of their burrows, you can expect that others are close by. These rats have brown fur with black hairs spread throughout their coat. They have tiny eyes and ears and extremely short tails in proportion to the length of their head and body.

Dangers to Consider

Let’s take a look at some dangers of a Norway rat infestation that you need to know about so you can contact a professional pest control service in order to remove Norway rats from your home.

  • Because they can easily gnaw through most things, they can cause significant damage to structures and properties, which makes them a serious threat to homeowners.
  • They are also carriers of serious illnesses, such as rat-bite fever, trichinosis, jaundice, cowpox virus, and salmonellosis.

Signs of a Norway Rat Infestation

Some signs of Norway rats have infested your property include:

  • Seeing capsule-shaped droppings around your home. These droppings are known to have blunt ends, unlike the pointed ends of roof rat droppings.
  • Spotting gnaw marks throughout your house. Older marks may appear smooth and greasy, whereas new holes or bite marks are known to be rough.
  • Other signs include greasy rub marks left by oily fur on pathways, footprints, as well as damaged or contaminated food products.
  • Norway Rat Preventive Treatment and Elimination

    Since Norway rats are known to reproduce very quickly, it’s advisable for you to take proactive measures to make sure they don’t invade your living spaces to cause significant structural damage and spread serious illnesses. You should store firewood away from your home and remove piles of debris around your property that can easily serve as ideal nesting spots.

    Get in touch with CT Pest Solutions so we can eliminate Norway rats from your home with safe and humane methods. We provide:

    • Same-day Norway rat evaluations and services
    • Regular preventative services and control.
    • Rodent Clean-out and sanitation services.
    • Rodent exclusion to prevent Norway rats from entering.
    • Identify conducive conditions and make recommendations.
    • Provide a comprehensive customized plan of action to control, eliminate and prevent a infestation.
    • Emergency services.

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