Yellowjacket Preventive Treatment & Control

Yellowjackets are commonly found across the U.S. Currently, there are 16 known species that tend to wreak havoc for homeowners and gardeners, particularly in the spring and summer seasons. Yellowjackets live in colonies as they are social insects and usually build nests in trees, bushes, or attached to the eaves of homes, such as the underside of roof structures, overhanging walls, and so on.

Every colony has a queen that survives through winter to start a new colony in aerial or underground sites come springtime.

Potential Damage and Health Complications to Consider

Yellowjackets are territorial pests. While it’s somewhat easy to avoid their bites as they are relatively slow to sting, yellowjacket stings can cause a lot of pain. Dangers associated with yellowjackets include:

  • Allergic reactions caused by the venom in their sting
  • Future sensitivity to yellowjacket bites (yellowjackets can be deadly for people who develop sensitivity after being stung previously)
  • Damage to property as these insects can eat through drywall

Signs of a Yellowjacket Infestation

Unlike other pests that can hide in dark corners of your home and go unnoticed for a long time, yellowjackets are fairly easy to spot. A yellowjacket infestation is detected if you:

  • Encounter ‘worker’ bees busy in your garden
  • See a nest in the backyard, patio, garage, or anywhere else on your property, for that matter

Take note that yellowjackets can construct nests both above and below the ground. At times, they may also use abandoned rodent burrows for nests. For underground yellowjacket colonies, look for signs such as dirt, debris, or small stones piling up around the burrow opening.

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Yellowjacket Preventive Treatment and Control

CT Pest Solutions is a licensed pest control company that can help remove yellowjackets from your home or garden. We have a team of professional yellowjacket exterminators who have years of experience in the field and are trained to handle yellowjacket infestations of every scale.

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Service Areas for Yellowjacket Treatment and Control

We service most of Connecticut including:

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