Blow Fly Treatment and Elimination

The blow fly, scientifically known as ‘Calliphoridae’, resembles the common house fly in many ways but it’s slightly bigger in size and most of them tend to have a metallic appearance. Moreover, they have a loud buzz that is easily distinguishable. Things like garbage, spoiled meat, animal feces, compost, as well as any rotting materials can easily attract them to your yard.

Dangers to Consider

Even though blow flies don’t bite humans, they are common carriers of germs and bacteria.

Here are some health complications you need to keep in mind:

  • They pose a significant threat to pets, especially if they’re able to lay eggs in a sore or wound that the animal may be carrying.
  • The feeding larvae in animal wounds can make the animal very sick and even cause death if the animal isn’t treated properly.
  • Blow flies can also contaminate food items and kitchen surfaces, leading to infections. Some common illnesses include eye infections, dysentery, and other illnesses.

Signs of a Blow Fly Infestation

Some common signs of a blow fly infestation are:

  • Hearing loud buzzing sounds in your house.
  • Spotting adult blow flies on different surfaces, especially around potential odor as well as food sources.
  • Smelling rotting flesh (of a dead animal hidden around your home) can also be a signal that your house is a prime target for a blow fly infestation.
  • Get in touch with a pest control service to remove blow flies from your property and keep them away for good.
  • Blow Fly Preventive Treatment and Elimination

    It goes without saying that sanitation should be your first defense against these pests. You need to remove trash from your house daily and make sure it’s properly sealed, get rid of animal waste in your yard regularly, and keep your sink and countertops clean as much as possible.

    Experts at CT Pest Solutions have got what it takes to help combat pest infestation and eliminate blow flies from your property in little to no time. We provide:

  • Same-day blow fly inspections and services.
  • Identify conducive conditions and make recommendations.
  • Provide a comprehensive customized plan of action to control, eliminate and prevent a re-infestation.
  • Thorough blow fly inspections and evaluations.
  • Emergency services.
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