Yellow Sac Spider Treatment and Elimination

Yellow sac spiders happen to be among the more common spiders you may encounter. It’s known to be a venomous pest, so if you spot them on your property, you need to take steps to eliminate them right away.

These house spiders tend to create a flat silk sac where they spend most of the daytime. These sacs can be found in hidden spots, such as leaves or where the ceiling and wall meet. They have eight eyes and they’re commonly pale.

Dangers to Consider

Since yellow sac spiders are venomous, their bites can hurt. If you’ve been bitten, you may experience swelling, redness, or a burning sensation. It’s advisable to apply hydrogen peroxide to the area and use an ice pack to relieve the swelling.

If you experience symptoms like headache, vomiting, nausea, and other serious issues, get in touch with a professional immediately.

Signs of a Yellow Sac Spider Infestation

Here are some signs your property may have become infested with yellow sac spiders:

  • Finding tiny spiderlings hunting at night is a sign that there may be multiple spiders around your home.
  • Spotting the spiders along windowsills or on the walls.
  • Seeing their retreats on ceilings, corners, and other hidden spots.
  • Having unexplained bites all over your body also indicates a yellow sac spider infestation.

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Yellow Sac Spider Preventive Treatment and Elimination

Are you looking to remove yellow sac house spiders from your property? The first thing you need to do is get rid of their silk sacs, specifically the ones you find at the corners of the ceilings and where the wall meets the ceiling. Moreover, consider sealing holes and cracks in your home exterior to prevent an infestation from taking root and remove heavy vegetation around the property as well.

Our experts at CT Pest Solutions can help you eliminate yellow sac spiders in little to no time. We provide:

  • Same-day yellow sac spider inspections and services.
  • Regular preventive and control services.
  • Identify conducive conditions and make recommendations for long term control.
  • Emergency services.

Priority Service Areas

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